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Saw Live's Interview with Bill Johnson (leatherface 2)

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My Interview with TCM 2's Leatherface, Bill Johnson!!!

1) Did you enjoy playing the role of Leatherface on TCM 2? I heard that you had the pneumonia? This is probably a very stupid question because being ill and running and jumping with a chainsaw at the same time wouldn't be very fun. But what did you think of it?
I couldn’t do much of anything suffering from pneumonia except focus on recovery.
I thought it was terrible.  My doctor said it was the worst case he’d ever seen.

2)What happened to pieces of movie material? Like, where did the Leatherface mask from TCM 2 wind up? Where is it today? And where is some of the other stuff? Do you have any of the stuff with you today???
As far as I know the mask that I wore went to Tobe.  I have some of my wardrobe.

3)Did you think TCM 2 turned out good, or do you think it could have been better? A lot of people tell me TCM 2 wasn't anything similar to the first one. Do you agree?
TCM2 is a very good film, the way it is, even though it is not Tobe cut of the film footage. I’d really enjoy his take on the original footage.
There are both similarities and differences with TCM 1 &2 and I think the differences are what gives 2 its identity and makes it enjoyable.

4)Leatherface was very different in TCM 2 if you ask me. In part one, I don't think he'd let his heart flow for someone other then his family. Do you agree?
Yes, I think the Leatherface that Gunnar Hansen created was not ready to leave home yet.
 The TCM1 Leatherface would not likely have let his heart flow for anyone other than his immediate family.

5)What was the worst movie you have ever did? What is your least favorite movie you've ever acted in? name the title and why.
 I don’t feel I’ve been in any bad movies, at least the ones I remember.  There are some I’ve not seen, for example, The Devil’s Triangle , or Fight for Honor, originally titled The Tae Kwon Do Kids.  I think it went straight to video and I haven’t seen.
In some degree I have enjoyed being in all the movies I’ve acted in. I guess the most grueling work experience the one that kind of took the most out of me, as in a lot of physical overhead was TCM2 but it’s been the most exciting film I’ve been in.
Tentative filming early next year on an Indy here in Austin a Film Noir called “The End That Eats”.  Filmmaker Steve Mims wrote and will direct. I’m really looking forward to this project.
2006 is the 20th Anniversary of TCM2 so we’re looking for a banner year coming up.
By the way, Caroline Williams is going to be a Guest at Texas Frightmare weekend! 
I believe this is her first Convention appearance ever and I think there is a lot of excitement about Caroline being there.
 DALLAS COMIC-CON Oct. 15, 16, 2005: Dallas, TX, 
MEMORABILIA SHOW Birmingham, England: Way psyched to be back to meet the UK Fans!
DUTCH STAR-CON in The Netherlands and more.
Thank you for this opportunity to connect with you all. You fans are the greatest!!!
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RED=Bill Johnson
Blue=Russ Frantom