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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Next Generation

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 4, hmmm.... I am not even sure why they called it "chainsaw massacre" because nobody was even ever killed with the chainsaw, and pretty much the people were tortured. If I could have titled it, I would have titled it " The Texas crossdresser Torture a-thon", but that is of coarse my oppinion. However, it happens to be a pretty good movie if you like comedy based horror films. You can clearly point out comedy elements throughout the film, and it will occasionly cause laughter. I was very disapointed with the film because of it's lack of TCM elements that were the same in TCM part 3. Like I have said many many times, stick with part one and part 2, they are the best and only the best in the TCM series. But, this film is pretty good and I recommend it to specific audiences.

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