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Judy Pace

Frogs (1972)

cover Directed by
George McCowan

Writing credits
Robert Blees
Robert Hutchison (also story)

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Genre: Horror / Drama / Mystery / Thriller (more)

Tagline: Today the pond! Tomorrow the world!

Plot Outline: Malevolent frogs proliferate at a country residence. The family who lives there is engrossed in their own problems, however... (more)

User Comments: How'd they get the frogs to look so mean? (more)

User Rating: ****______ 4.0/10 (799 votes) Vote Here

Cast overview, first billed only:
Ray Milland .... Jason Crockett
Sam Elliott .... Pickett Smith
Joan Van Ark .... Karen Crockett
Adam Roarke .... Clint Crockett
Judy Pace .... Bella Garrington
Lynn Borden .... Jenny Crockett
Mae Mercer .... Maybelle
David Gilliam .... Michael Martindale
Nicholas Cortland .... Kenneth Martindale
George Skaff .... Stuart Martindale
Lance Taylor Sr. .... Charles
Holly Irving .... Iris Martindale
Dale Willingham .... Tina Crockett
Hal Hodges .... Jay Crockett
Carolyn Fitzsimmons .... Lady in Car

Runtime: 91 min
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Sound Mix: Mono
Certification: Canada:G / Finland:K-16 / Norway:15 / Sweden:15 / UK:X / USA:PG

Trivia: The filming took place in and around an 1890s mansion in Florida's Eden State Park. This park is located near the Gulf of Mexico's coastline, about halfway between Fort Walton Beach and Panama City. (more)

Goofs: Revealing mistakes: When they're showing close-ups of the evil frogs, one frog is obviously thrown into the shot because it lands on its back. (more)


Information provided by Internet Movie Database @




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Frogs is one of my all time favorite movies. It is very natural and a little silly, but I love this movie!!! Its a shame that the new Frogs dvd is in the $5.99 box at Walmart because In my oppinion it is too good to be listed in the dull list... It is a great classic made by a great director... This I believe is the first site for that movie....